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a one, and a two, and a Treva!

We just got back from Florida and celebrating Mom’s 90th birthday.

“Shh,” she said. “You don’t have to tell.”

“Mom!  I just sent invitations to all your family and all your friends inviting them to help us celebrate your 90th!”

“Oh, well, then.  We might as well have a party.”

It was beautiful.  Yellow roses everywhere — even on the chocolate cake.  Grandchildren and great-grandchildren all on their special-for-grammy behavior, long lost cousins, and near and dear friends from her retirement village where mom is in extended care — everyone participating in the special pleasure of seeing how we never outlive our delight in waking up to another year with mother earth.

The day before the big event we hung out with mom for a quiet day.  How does an almost ninety year old spend a quiet day?  By working out, of course!  There is a trainer – Treva – who holds classes at the village – yoga, tai chi, aerobics.  And she carries her training over even into the Health Center where Mom lives.  When husband-never-hubby joined us, I knew he was in for a surprise!

Treva the trainer put all the elders through an hour of chair aerobics and weights.  You would be surprised how much marching in place, pointing and lifting toes, hoisting weights while being encouraged to keep abs “up and in” gets the blood flowing and the smiles going.  She has a good mix of music — Beatles, swing from the forties — and keeps the pace lively.  She remembers who needs a one pound weight in the left hand but can manage a two pounder in the right, who needs to strengthen their left side from a stroke, who needs an extra cushion behind their back for support during marching.  It’s challenging and lively.

If that’s how you get ready for a birthday when you are entering your centennial decade, I’m in!