Not a Sexy Topic

Okay – that was probably a cheesy way to get your attention.

But this has been said so much no one listens anymore.  Think of it this way:  If you consider yourself a patriot,* take this message to heart – and to your public!

Today is National Start Walking Day!

poster graphic

American Heart Association is asking us to “Ditch our Desk” for just 30 minutes today.

What?  You say you don’t have a desk because you work for yourself?  I gotta ask then – from what stationary platform are you reading this blog?

Whatever place it is – your kitchen counter,  your home office,  a table at Starbucks,  the plug in at the airport as you charge up on your layover  –

  • Close me down (after you finish reading, of course!)
  • Take a 30 minute walk:
    • Start from where  you are –
    • Walk for 15 minutes.
    • Walk back.

When you get back (see, don’t you feel better?) you could check out their website:

There are some great tools for beginning a simple walking program.  You can personalize your plan;  track your progress by logging time and distances;  get motivated by Leila Ali.  She reminds us that for every one hour of brisk walking you may gain two hours of life expectancy!!

You’ll find lots of other tools as well and cool gear to order – like this blinking reflector for only $2.00.

Blinking Start Reflector

We all benefit when someone starts moving.

The charge to diminishing public health resources (read Emergency room costs we all* end up paying for through higher health premiums) when people suffer heart attacks is huge.  So yes, you and I are the beneficiaries when Thomasina, Dick and Harry start to walk just 30 minutes a day!

Don’t you know someone whose life might be saved?  I surely do!

So today is the day to share this news.

Oh, I know;  I don’t yet have a widget to let you do this, but you know how:  Just cut and past the URL for this page and e-mail or blog it on.

America will thank you*!

3 responses to “Not a Sexy Topic

  1. alisonstoodley

    Excellent advice Linda! I have been guilty of holing up inside the house for the winter and I and my dog have suffered for it, big time! I have pledged to get the both of us out there and walking each and every day since the weather got better. I am even thinking of dusting off my bike because I can’t go fast enough for my pup to get a good workout. Wish me luck, I am considerably overweight so this is going to be an interesting and hopefully inspiring adventure!

  2. Oh, luck be yours – and to your dog – and to your bike. Now I have heard that NL, as well as NLD, is a great place to bike. Is that true?

  3. alisonstoodley

    It is a great place to bike only if you like lots of ups and downs – we are a city built on a hill, Google St.John’s, Newfoundland to check it out.
    Thanks for the encouragement, I need every ounce I can get!

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