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I have a nice surprise ready for tomorrow if only I can figure out how to get it on the page!!

Who doesn’t like to have a chance to see how smart they are?  I love quizzes that I can pass, don’t you?  (I mean don’t you love quizzes that you can pass, not don’t you love quizzes that I can pass!!  (But if I can’t pass through the design thicket to get my surprise out to the other side of this composing page, I won’t feel too smart).

But for now I have to take my squeaky knees to bed.  I started a new walking program today so I could compare notes with a friend who started with the same trainer.  Oh, but I was such a smarty pants:

When the trainer said to set the incline at 2% and walk 2.5 miles per hour, I decided to set it at 4% and go 4.2 mph.  NO problem.  I just completely ignored what an experienced trainer thought might be a good starting place for some one of my age.  After all, I am much more fit than my mom was at my age.

Ah, but the family knees!  I do have the family knees.  And now — at that incline and at that speed, I am looking for an ice pak.  Do you think applying chocolate internally would have the same effect?

Listen to your trainer for the first week of a new program before you tweak it!