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Oh, for Pete’s Sake!

Didn’t I know  this was going to happen?

(You wouldn’t know unless you know me, but if you do, then you may not be surprised).   What’s the fuss?  It’s been three weeks since my last post!   Oh, for Pete’s Sake.  So on with it then — (and if you want the exciting news that has absorbed my attention, post a comment or send me a message on FB.)

Today it’s about ROI — Return on Investment!

One tip is about physical fitness, the other is more about fiscal fitness.  Fitness covers a heap of territory, doesn’t it?  So why not apply the idea of paring down to how we spend our time?  Check out Y’s Business Blog to get the skinny on accounting, as well as a new way to think about how spending time is not so different from spending calories.  It’s all about the ROI!

1.   Y’s Business Blog:

2.  Aging bodies and brains:

In one surprising trial, researchers randomly assigned 155 women  to three separate groups.  They then compared the effects of two kinds of exercise:

a. resistance training, done once or twice weekly, in which participants worked out with free weights and weight machines and did squats and lunges, versus

b. toning and balance exercises, which participants did twice a week, versus

c. no exercise.

By the end of the yearlong study, the women —  aged 65 – 75 — who weight-trained saw an improvement in their performance on tests of memory, learning, decision-making and conflict resolution. The women who did balance and toning may have had cute legs on which to balance, but their brains were no better off than with no training at all.

The muscle-strengthening exercise also helped the volunteers boost their walking speed, a commonly used indicator of overall health status in the elderly, as faster pace has been linked with lower mortality.

There it is – good news and bad news!  The good news? We can heft some weights and enjoy every part of our lives more.  The bad news?  I’m now considered “elderly.”

Got to run — I need to lift some weight so that I won’t forget to post here before I leave for my mom’s 90th birthday party!


All about fitness…

… but I swear, today it seems the only thing getting fit is the mouse on my desk.  The way she just scurries around, munching on this and that little piece of information.  Little invisible paws heaving her palm shaped wireless body here and there across the mouse pad, sometimes getting so excited she backs right into the wrist bumper.  Whew!  Makes me happy to see her just resting while I bang away at the keyboard for a change.

So what fuels this tiny body — other than those two double AA’s I have to feed her every so often?

Time!  Little bits and pieces of  time.  You know how it goes.  You feed your mouse a crumb here, a morsel there.  You  think you’ll never miss it:  Just a click on the  Bag Snob (what could it hurt; you’re just waiting for your coffee to be ready before you get to work).  And for heaven sakes, you wouldn’t feel right not weighing in on off shore oil drilling before you start the day!  And you know you’ve got a special dinner coming up.  It only makes sense to check in with your top-secret wine discounter (shhh…)

So it goes, all day long, up and down all over the internet.  Doing little mouse push-ups on the e-mail accounts.  Romanian lunges over at Twitter.  Crunches on FaceBook.

That’s how my mouse stays fit.  How about yours?