Give a doodly-squat!

This is just serendipity.

I’ve been struggling to get my workouts in since my favorite trainers have been off-line for the past week. Sometimes what helps is to try something new. I was getting ready to think about starting to look for something I maybe could do (are you sensing lack of motivation here?), when I opened my e-mail to find a post from one of my favorite fitness bloggers.

If you’re like me, you really can’t resist something simple and effective that invites you to try it out right now. This is just such a find. And what’s even better, this particular move is foundational, revs up metabolism because it works those large muscles, can be done anywhere and almost anytime, and is just perfect for the little break from the computer that you will be taking when you finish reading, right?

You’ve already guessed it from the title: It’s squats!

Nothing hard about that, is there? Ah, but stay with me here. You know how most trainers advise you to protect your knees by one of two ways: Either they warn, “Be sure your knees do not extend over your toes” or they advise, “Just pretend you are backing up to a chair and squat down just as if you are getting ready to sit.”

What’s wrong with that? Oh, so many things: How do I know if my knees are in line with the ends of my feet? I really have big feet — and small knees — so maybe this advice doesn’t work for me. And who is going to check for me. And if I look down to see, then my spine and neck won’t be neutral, will they now?

See, it’s complicated! Furthermore, who ever really squats when they sit in a chair? Do you really stick out your derrière when you plop yourself down? Well, maybe we should, but it does feel peculiar, don’t you think? And thus not a really good template for doing squats correctly.

So here is the answer: JC found a short video that I share here with you. The surprise? It’s called “wall squats’! Such a simple adjustment and easily adaptable to anyone’s level of expertise and comfort. The more we do it, the more we benefit. And as always, remember to practice with intention. Really focus on the muscle groups you are engaging. Give a doodly-squat!!

2 responses to “Give a doodly-squat!

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  2. squats are a fantastic exercise that use lots of different muscles. Great post and information. Like that video you found. brings it all home, doesn’t it?

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